Our Marc Faber Interview Series


As the Vietnam Investment Forum in Ho Chi Minh City draws to a close, we find it timely to highlight some thoughts from Marc Faber regarding frontier market opportunities.


Faber: “I think bitcoin or something similar has a lot of merits…I’m not sure in the future if it will be possible to carry gold from Point A to Point B, or even to transfer money from Point A to Point B…Bitcoin will have value as long as there are exchanges and as long as people will accept it.”


Faber: ““If today you were to structure a portfolio, would you buy the U.S., or would you rather buy the emerging markets that are, from a valuation point of view and also from a point of view of, say, economic growth prospects, much more desirable?”


Faber: “You cannot put $5 Billion dollars in Bulgaria.. you would be driving the stocks up 200%”


Faber: “In general I would say that Vietnamese stocks, unlike other [countries] stocks that are in a topping out process, Vietnamese stocks are in a bottoming out phase.”



Faber: “If someone tells me, Oh, in Cambodia or in India, only 10% of people have a bank account, then I would assume these people are not capable to transact in an encrypted currency”



 Faber: “I am not God, I am not here to judge who is right and who is wrong, but if I were China, if you look at geopolitics in Asia from a Chinese perspective, its completely unacceptable in the long run to have American military presence in Asia”.
Faber: Iraq has “favorable fundamentals”, Syria a “fascinating country, enchanting to visit”
Marc Faber takes the other side of Michael Hasenstab’s $8 B bet on Ukraine, invests in Russia instead.
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