EU Looks North to Arctic for Maritime Shipping, Resources at the Frozen Frontier, More

by Georgi Ivanov In 2013, the Arctic Council admitted six new observer states in its structures, but the European Union bid didn’t get through. The EU has three members who are also members of the Arctic Council: Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Additionally, a number of European countries serve as observers: France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland,[…]

Squawkonomics Interview with Bill Still

Keith Hilden of the Squawkonomics team interviews with Bill Still and Han Wen from Beijing, on Bitcoin from the Chinese perspective, Quarkcoin, Taiwan’s MoneyCoin, the TransPacific Partnership, China’s Gold Holdings, Robots and Jobs, Swiss Basic Income, and India/Japan alliance and/or cooperation in the face of rising China-Japan geopolitical tension. Check it out at: From[…]